Get FREE Advice For Writer’s Block

You are a writer. You are full of ideas and creativity.

But sometimes it is like the plot is a road and the way ahead is foggy. Sometimes it’s just a question of needing an outsider to say: ‘Well, what if the character did something like….?’ or ‘Have you thought about trying it this way?’

Writers, even the bestselling, sold-a-million-zillion-copies ones, get blocks. They’ve mulled over the same character, scene, idea till it is too annoying to contemplate, and it can help if a fresh, experienced pair of eyes has a look and asks questions.

That’s why I developed the Writer’s Block service. I know what it’s like to keep staring at a plot plan, with parts of it ready to go, but great gaps totally eluding me. I have scrutinised the grammar and spelling of many texts, but I am also asked frequently to look at a plot outline, and offer a new perspective.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Request a sample.

Send me a brief aspect of your story that you are stuck with, and I will send you one sample piece of advice for FREE to help you move forward with your plot.

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