When I am not writing about writing, I edit other folks’ writing! Put your feet up and let me edit and proofread your work for you. You can also hire me for a more personal advice service to discuss your stories and plots, including any issues you may be having with them.

I’m trained to provide proofreading, developmental editing, line editing, writing, copywriting, and advisory services. I have worked with writers, students, and businesses.


My proofreading service is for when a text needs a final check before publication. I check the grammar, syntax, spelling, and formatting consistency of a text.  Please contact me for a free quote. Prices depend on several things including the condition of the text, the deadline, and whether English is the native language of the author of the text.


I offer developmental or line editing services, depending on the needs of your work. Developmental editing can be done whether a text is completed or not – it involves providing advice about the plot structure. Line editing is for when a piece of work is completed, but before it is to be proofread and published: it consists of checking the structure and contents of each sentence or line. Rather than scrutinising the spelling and grammar, sentences are checked for structure, variety of length, and their contribution to the needs of the plot. For example, there are different requirements for sentence lengths and word choices in a work of children’s literature compared to a piece of adult crime fiction. Another example is that sometimes sentences are too explanatory, giving away plot surprises too early.


I offer advice about writing, plot devices, grammar, and editing. If you would like a service of this nature, face-to-face, by phone, or by email, contact me to discuss your needs.

£30 Writer’s Block Service

For this service you send your plot outline, explain where you’re stuck, and any story aims you have. I will send 1-3 A4 pages containing a detailed outline of ways you could move your story forward, be it ideas or questions which, if answered, may produce new plot options. This also includes two further emails from me containing help with moving forward, should you have further queries about my idea outline.

For a FREE sample, send me a brief aspect of the story that you are stuck with, and I will send you one piece of advice to help you move your plot forward. Simply fill in this form.

Writing and Copywriting

I have been commissioned to write articles and blog posts on a variety of subjects. I specialise in writing about well-being, languages, psychology, work psychology, everyday life, positive thinking, and business.

For enquiries about any of my services, feel free to contact me, Leanne, at:


07521 345036

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‘Before sitting down with Leanne to go over my novel ideas, I wasn’t sure I even had a full novel, but she was immensely talented at thinking laterally and spotting opportunities to use my characters in different ways I hadn’t even considered. By the end of the session, I felt like I had more than enough material to work with and a more well-rounded plot that would draw readers in, keep the tension going, and hopefully provide a good payoff at the end. I’m excited to get to work writing again and I’d highly recommend Leanne if you feel your story is just ‘not quite there’!’ – Janice, Preston